Baby Mine

Oh I love newborns!! I want him to stay this tiny forever! Ok, maybe not. But I love how itsy bitsy he is and I can't get enough of him. He is doing great. He has been eating lots and pooping lots, so he's doing what newborns do best. I have great help with Greg and Heather at home, so I'm getting rest and am well fed. I'm sure next week will be a little tougher. Riley is really sweet and calm as he gets over his cold and fever. He has had sweet little questions about Shea and is so gentle. Liam on the other hand. He is crazy!! He wants to touch and kiss and squeeze and just won't keep his hands off the poor baby. I am having a hard time knowing how to let Liam feel like he's allowed to be close to the baby, because it's almost easier to say "don't touch". I've always known that Liams primary love language is "personal touch and closeness", so his reaction was expected. The novelty maybe will wear off some, and then it'll be easier.
The weather has been in the high 20's, so we feel like we're on summer holidays here. It's just lovely and warm. Happy days.


The Foulds said…
Aww, look how peaceful he is!
So sweet and cute!
Anna said…
Gee whiz Sarah! Stop making me all teary-eyed! Ever since I had kids I'm SO emotional...especially when it comes to babies. I'm glad things are going so well and that you're feeling good. It must be nice to have Heather and Greg to distract R & L while you feed and hopefully rest. Shea is SO cute.
Heidi said…
Oh Sarah...he's a sweetie. Now I think he looks like Greg too. And so the guessing begins.

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