Bokeh, Baby...

There are so many fun things you can do with your camera if you only have the time to mess around and get to it! How handy that Shea has been so sick (this is day 5) so we are home alone while the big boys are at church today.
I've been wanting to try this forever. I made two black covers for my camera lens and punched out a star and a heart shape to create this cool bokeh!

You should really try it sometime!
Here's the how-to! (thanks to Pinterest)


Anonymous said…
That is very cool! I don't quite get how it works? I looked at the article you mention, but how do you get the variety of colours of the cutout in the one photo with a clear photo of the object? ME
Sarah said…
I'm not much of a techie to give you a great answer...but Bokeh is the blur effect created by a shallow depth of field. Normally the blur would take on the round/octagon shape of the aperture when there are points of light in the background, like Christmas lights for instance.
In the case of this little experiment, the normal circular shape of the aperture has been changed to a heart, creating heart shaped bokeh. I cheated by using the lights above my cupboards and my tree...but you can actually just use any light source behind your subject which would then typically be one color (from the sun).
So in this case, the lens was opened all the way (largest aperture) and I moved my camera so the flower was in focus and it automatically blurred everything behind it.

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