Did you know that if you put a washcloth over the drain in a shower stall, that the water can come up over the top of the lip and spill out over onto the floor, down the vents (into the family room below) and then out 3 feet into the carpet in your room??
Riley figured that out yesterday. After a 10 minute "bath" in the shower, he opened the door and yelled down to us "FLOOD"! I'm not even kidding, it took a mop, 10 towels and then more downstairs where it was dripping from the ceiling. ARgH! So daft.

Yesterday was a busy day for me and I was feeling worse by this morning. I've been fighting something, but I don't know what. This morning I took a shower and the room was completely spinning. I barely made it out of the shower and plopped onto the bed all soggy. I eventually got to the doctor and though he said it looks like I'm fighting some viral thing, I don't have anything like strep. My fever was ok, but my heart was racing like a train. He did a urine test to make sure I wasn't pregnant (have mercy) and concluded that I'm dehydrated. With the occasional nauseau, it is hard for me to even want to drink, but I've taken some gravol and gatorade and am laying here feeling dead on the couch and oh, so tired.

Bless Greg, he took the boys out skiing tonight and Shea over to D's so I can have some peace. Please pray that I can get over whatever it is that I have as the chores are piling up around me and I get that sinking/overwhelming feeling that I'll never get on top of it all.



Anonymous said…
Oh dear oh dear! I'll be over on Saturday morning!

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