Mrs. Sickie

Well my near 3 day fever has broken, but I feel very sick still. I am quite sure it is strep. I have what feels like a sock, lodged in my throat. Any attempt to swallow, even my own saliva, is terrible. Talking is hard. I have no appetite (which is rare) and feel nauseous when I eat or drink. I am still a little light headed, probably due to the lack of food.
I really hope the doctor calls early tomorrow with some results from the swab, or I'm going to have to march on down there again for another one.
Greg has done great in taking care of the kids all weekend and letting me rest, as honestly I could barely get up. I need to take over now so he can get to work! and I really hope he misses this one!

UPDATE: I did march back to the doc and now he could definitely see the strep. So I'm on antibiotics and now G is off to the doctor and I'm still swallowing knives (or so it feels). I have an impossible time trying to sleep as I wake up every time I swallow. So....we're a really sad state of affairs over here! Thankfully the kids seem to be doing alright.


Bri said…
Ugh! So sorry to hear that you and Shea got sick. Take good care of yourself. Lots of honey lemon water. Hugs to you all.
Heather said…
Oh no!!!! Hope you feel better soon ;-)
Anonymous said…
THAT is an unusually different picture! ! Your creativity is still working : ) MomE
Lisa said…
Oh yuck - poor you! Feel better soon!

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