Poor Shea is sick again. He had strep throat in June and now has it again. I didn't think of it this time as he didn't complain of a sore throat much. He has had on/off fevers for a few days, no appetite, his heart will race, and he pretty much groans throughout the whole day and night. After two nights of not getting any sleep, I took him in this morning to make sure I wasn't missing anything. He just got over an ear infection right before Christmas, and has had a sinus cold and the cough for weeks and now this. Poor guy. It was good to see him up and playing Uno with me today after two days of being in bed. So hopefully he's on the mend. He may be one of those kids prone to strep and a candidate for getting his tonsils out. Time will tell I guess. I know how terrible strep can be as I had it lots through high school.

Hopefully life will return to it's regular program and we'll all get caught up on sleep! With the lack of sleep we've had in the past month, I feel like I have a newborn again!


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