I went to the store today and bought...
a) A cold mist humidifier
b) Children's multivitamins, and
c) Oranges it obvious that we are sick and/or fighting germs with a vengeance?

If you do not have a cold mist humidifier, it is time for you to try one out during this cold season. We have borrowed my parents, and the perpetual night coughing stops almost immediately. I picked a smaller one up today and am hoping it'll be just as effective. It was high time that we had our own, and I hope you have one too. In the winter in Calgary, I used to get super dry sinuses and I remember complaining to my doctor about it and he had no suggestions. So now, lesson learned...I was dried out and needed a humidifier! duh
Do you take vitamins? I never did too much because I eat fairly well and figured I get most of my needs from my food. However, this past week I was watching "Food Matters" on Netflix and felt convicted at how much my body needs vitamins and how little our over-processed food contains. So to help fight the germs this season, I am currently taking a One-a-Day women's multivitamin, a Vitamin C and Zinc. I also picked up the multivitamins for my kids to help them get a little boost as well.

Anyway, best of health to you! Shea is finally on the mend. I kept him home from school one more day to be sure, but I think he'll be good to go on Thursday. Phew.


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