Where are we at?

So here we sit. Still unsure of what our future holds. Not knowing if there is a job just around the corner or not for a long while yet. For the first month or so, it was a bit of a shock, but also an adventure as we thought of the possibilities of what/when/where. Looking through real estate and dreaming at night of all the things that could happen in the next few weeks. But nothing is really happening! And the summer is quickly passing! It has been frustrating to say the least. As months go by (four now) I'm sad to say that I at times have lost my confidence, security, patience and trust that things will work out. I'm not sure what God is trying to teach us in this. I started out thinking that God would provide Greg with a better job than the last one, and thankful that we had this opportunity to make some changes, grow, stretch and learn. But now, I just want an answer! I'm thinking, what is the purpose of this?! The limbo, waiting and putting life on hold makes me stressed out, not a good wife or mother. I know that Greg is trying his best to get his resumes out there. He has made a lot of connections and has been active in the "web-geek" world. He's done many interviews. But with that stress and dealing with three rowdy boys who require relentless amounts of discipline from sun up to sun down. It is hard. I can't lie. So keep praying. Maybe when I finally give up and pack it in, that's when the job offer will suddenly arrive...but somedays I feel like I've already packed it in, so I guess not!
We will try to enjoy what is left of the summer, but it is hard to feel like you can take a holiday in this sort of situation. And as always, we could be worse off...like friends of ours who are homeless and moving from a house-sitting situation to another while toting their three kids around. I know we are blessed. We are. We will survive. It just stinks right now is all.


Anonymous said…
As always, I love that you share your feelings with us in this way. There's no pat answer that will make it all "feel better", so it's good to at least be able to share your burdens with others.
I also love that you've got the new perkiest-ever background for your blog - great when you're not feeling quite there!
Hope you have a fun Sunday!

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