The C word.

So today was a new experience for me.
In the spring my doctor informed me that I needed to get a colposcopy done. (Yes, men...this involves some details about a cervix and so you may want to start humming right now, plugging your ears and switching to a new blog at this point.)
Our local hospital does not perform the procedure, so they send you off to Vernon to get it done.
It basically is a more detailed pap test that in the end will confirm if you do or don't have abnormal (ie. cancerous) cells. So it is slightly stressful to say the least, and I had to wait a few months to get this done.
I arrived at the hospital to a line of about 5 ladies my age...waiting nervously in their backless gowns to go in. I smiled at the girl beside me and said..."Man, isn't this fun!" to which she also smiled and we talked the entire rest of the time which was nice to calm our nerves.
So about 10 minutes later, I was called in and the test went fine and the doctor and I both were relieved that I didn't need a biopsy or anything further as all looked well. The doctor and her attendant looked as happy as I did and informed me that I was the only one in today that didn't need one. So phew. Now I've been thinking of the girls that were waiting out there with me and praying that their results were just as clear as mine.
It opened the door for a little of the "what if's". What if today I was told that I had cancer and what would that mean for our little family who is already dealing with quite a lot at the moment. So I feel thankful and blessed to be healthy. Praying for those who aren't.


Kristin said…
So glad you are all healthy Sarah!
Anonymous said…
Very thankful too! MomE
Bloggy Mama said…
Wow. So glad that all is well. I will continue to pray for your lovely bunch. Sending a big hug!!

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