Musical madness

What a weekend.
We went to the ROOTS and BLUES!

It was busy! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the event, it is a musical festival that has run in Salmon Arm for the last 19 years. It has around 5 stages running through the day with various artists that range from the Blues (like Taj Mahal to Celtic fiddlers (like Colin Grant or Rachel Davis)to kids music (Sharon & Bram)
and just overal amazing musicians like The John Butler Trio from Australia and the wild and crazy Five Alarm Funk group from B.C.
We left our house at 4pm on Friday and came home at midnight. Back to the festival at 10am and returned at 11:45pm and the same on Sunday. Yawn.

The boys did well for such a busy schedule in the 30 plus weather. We did send Shea off to Nanny's at supper time on Sat/Sun. as he was quite exhausted and uncooperative by that time! (Thanks mom and dad!)

Luke and Pam were there with their kids and a few of our other friends as well. They hoola hooped, made flubber, climbed walls, ate mini donuts, watched circus performers, sang, hopped and had fun staying up late. I'm sure they will be excited to go again another year.


Anna said…
Glad you had a good time!
Kristin said…
Sharon and Bram! Aww, I loved the Elephant show when I was a kid.
Sounds like a good fun time. :)
Greg said…
Nice post Honey. Also, I am super impressed with all of the linking you have been doing lately!
Anonymous said…
Hah! Greg got me with that link! That's WAY more than I need to know : )
I thought the post was great too, showing the variety of activity and participants.
Your biggest fan, aka MomE

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