I canned 35 jars of peaches today!! Pam came and instructed me while she helped me peel. She made me do all the processing part, so I think I could do them on my own next time.
Yum. I LOVE peaches!!

Here is the process in case you want to try it! I had 3 boxes of peaches (60lbs). It requires 35 jars with the matching lids/rings. You will also need the canner with the drop down tray thing.
I stuck all my jars in the dishwasher to sterilize them and kept them in there til I was ready to use them so they would stay clean and warm. I washed the rings in the sink. I put the lids on the stove in a pot of water and slowly bring them to a boil to sterilize and then turn them down low (and just leave them there).
Now you need to make your syrup. You need 6 cups of water for 1 cup of sugar (this is a light syrup...we love it...not too sweet). We had a huge pot and did 9L with 6cups of sugar. Put it on the range and warm it up slowly (you don't want to burn the sugar but you want the sugar to dissolve). Also leave it simmering on the stove by the lids. Then fill your canner with water so that the bottom of the hanging rack has 1 inch of it covered. Put it on the stove to boil. (So you now have three burners on.)
Now you need to prep the peaches.
Get a huge bowl and fill it with cool water and add 1 TBsp. of salt (this will prevent them from browning). I'm sorry but don't know the ratio. It was the hugest stainless steel bowl. now peel your peaches and pit...putting them into the bowl of salted water.
Once your canner has started to boil and your syrup has warmed up...and you think you have enough peaches peeled. Start filling your first 7 jars. Grab the peaches out of your bowl with clean hands....shake off the water. Fill the jar to the neck. Then pour your syrup over them until there is 1/2inch space left. Wipe the rims of your jars with a clean cloth. Take your lids out of the hot water (we have a magnetic lifter) and put them on the jars. Put your cleaned rings on til they are fingertip tight (don't use two hands and make it totally tight). Now put them in your canner....ours fits 7. Lower them into the water and be sure that the lids of the jars are covered with water. Bring to a rapid boil, then turn down a bit and boil them for 25min. Set that timer! Now back to peeling!!!
When you have 10min. left on the timer, start prepping your next 7 jars...filling/syrup/lids.
When your timer goes...remove your jars (again we have a lifter) and place them on a thick amount of towels on your countertop in a place where you won't have to move them for 24 hours. You do not want to move them or mess with the lids. Let them seal!
So then you stick in your next 7 and then keep on peeling!
If you can get help with the peeling (like I did!) then the canning process is pretty easy and you can run it like clockwork.

P.S. Make sure that you start another bowl of salt water for the peaches half way through so they don't go brown. If you are alone/slower you may need to do this more frequently. Use up the first peeled peaches first. Also...I had to make more syrup for the last canner (I had done 9L and did 3L more with 2 cups of sugar). So you will need 8 cups of sugar for this recipe.

I hope this helps!! I'm sure everyone does it differently but sometimes looking on the internet or asking around could be overwhelming!
If you have any questions about what I wrote (it IS late!)...let me know!


Anonymous said…
They look yummy! Way to be! MomE
Faith and Mark said…
Good job! I try to can on a nice day and then I put the canner outside on the BBQ burner. I love it because there is less going on on my stove and it doesn't heat up the house as much.
I love canned peaches. I should do more.

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