Have you started pinning yet?? Do you even know what Pinterest is?
It is another good waste of time on the computer. But hey. It is so cool!
It is for all those times when you're browsing through someones blog, or looking on some random website and see a photo and think..."THAT IS SO COOL!", "I want one of these!", or "I could make this!". But then you lose the page and forget all about it and life goes on.
Well this is a place where you can store all those cool photos with their matching links and organize them into sections so you can see them. For example, these are my sets (called "boards")...
beautiful kitchens, photography, kid stuff, words and quotes, home decor, DIY and crafts, hair style, fabric, and lovely places. Then the next time I'm going to renovate, I can go to the set of "beautiful kitchens" and remember all the lovely things I've looked through over the last while.
And the better part, is that it is simple. You simply press your "Pin It" button in your tool bar and it has this scroll down part to select the board to drop it into and voila...amazing, fast.
I think you may need to be invited. So ask me to invite you! And let me know if it works for you to see my boards.


Bri said…
you know I'm addicted (only slightly). So much fun.

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