In the bag...

Let's shift the conversation over to something a tad less serious.
Let's talk products. What is in my makeup bag...

My under eye skin was getting so dried out from my strong eye makeup remover that I thought I'd take a trip to Body Shop while we were at the coast to find some lotion that would work around the eye area. I was directed to this new line of products...
Nutriganics as well as an aloe eye defense cream.

I thought it looked like it'd be good, so I thought I'd try the foam cleanser as well.

It takes all my makeup off and then I just follow it with the eye cream. I sometimes alternate between using the old standby, the Camomile Makeup remover.

I have pretty good skin and try not to use too much makeup, but find I still need some coverup to put in the T-zone area of my face. I've probably used the Covergirl line ever since I was a teen. I have tried other (cheap) types but they never worked as well for me as Covergirl.
This has been my latest foundation.

I need less than a dime size amount, so it lasts for probably six months.
Then I follow up with the powder.

I use a bit of eye-liner, shadow and always mascara. And surprise, surprise...I prefer Covergirl. I have used this one the last few times, and it does the job.

I have never been much good at applying makeup and find the more I put on, the worse I the reason I do wear any is pretty much to help me not look washed out and to eliminate the shiny and uneven skin tones. I've had professional people do my makeup in the mall or for grad and at Mary Kay parties, but I didn't ever like it. I keep it pretty simple. If I'm feeling special, I'll put on a bit of blush and lip gloss!

Since I got my hair cut short, it has been necessary to get a strong hair spray. My slippery hair would never stay put for 2 seconds if it weren't for this spray my stylist suggested.

It is the only product I use in my hair, as my hair can look greasy far too easily if I try any sort of paste. I use basic shampoos like Pantene or Tresemme and switch it up all the time. I have such a sensitive scalp and such fine hair, that I have to be careful to use very basic hair products. Salon shampoos seem to drive my scalp crazy! which is somewhat fortunate as they are so expensive anyway!
Hmm...what else can I find in this bag...the only lipstick that I've kept around, which is pretty ancient and should probably be chucked is by Clinique. I can't even find the picture of what I have, as mine is the pale green color container. You know the one? I think it came free with a little makeup bag because I bought their foundation. I've never been good at picking out lipstick. I find the red tones make my teeth look yellow, and yet can't find the right shade of the plum brownish either.
Oh well, thankfully my boys don't care!
Ok, your turn. What do you keep in that bag???


Anna said…
Cool post Sarah! Now I know how you do it! ;) Love you!
Anonymous said…
I think you should be a "professional" blogger! ; D
ruth said…
No name equivalent to Cetaphil for facewash/makeup remover and lotion. Aveda/MAC/Haut eyeshadow/eyeshadow primer for rare rare makeup days and drugstore lipstick/mascara. Some day you should have Joanne give you a makeup lesson. She's awesome...looks totally natural and she'll give you great tips!!
Melissa said…
It was neat to have a sneak-peek into your make-up bag! I'm still not much of a make-up person, but I will at least put a bit of something on, a few days a week.

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