Shea turns four

What a busy weekend!
On Friday we got a call that this guy with a dump truck had dirt for us. Finally!! So in less than an hour he had come and dumped the load in our front yard. The next five hours, Greg and I shoveled and hauled all of it to our hole in the back. It just came up to the top of the hole, but isn't packed down, so I think we'll need another full load, but at least it is starting to look good!!

Then on Saturday I had to direct, choreograph, and film four very hyper 9/10 year old boys in a dance routine. I came up with syncronized swimming! So fun, but I nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to keep them all focused.

Then Sunday was busy with getting ready for Shea's fourth birthday party! We hosted it at our place as usual, and I was so happy it was warm enough to be outside the whole time. We haven't made much use of our new deck and patio, so it was great to eat on it. We did the classic waterballoon volleyball game as well. Shea enjoyed the day, and by the end was quite exhausted and crying about everything, so we had to quickly whisk him off to bed even before the company had left!

But overall, it was a productive, but fun weekend. Now I need a rest, but this week is looking just as busy as the last.
Onward ho! Enjoy your week!


Lisa said…
Happy Birthday Shea!! I can't believe he is 4 already - it feels like he was just born, with you guys living down the street!
Looks like a great party!

And, dance routines with 9yr old boys?! You are so brave!

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