Gone to the sea

We took off for the long weekend and headed back to the coast to meet our new nephew. While there, we played at the ocean, with the cousins, aunts and uncles.

This picture is of the whole Davidson crew (except me) with the two latest additions since Christmas, little Neve and Hugo.
It was good to get away, though we're all quite exhausted! I had to catch up on all the yard work today as it grew like a weed since we left. The boys were out there getting dirty as we transplanted some volunteer sunflowers that had sprouted in the sandbox! Oh man, I love spring.


Heather said…
Man our family has grown! So fun :-) So glad you could come down last weekend! It was so special to have you all meet Hugo at a week and a half old ;-) Shea saying "He's so cute" and Liam wanting to hold him 24/7 was priceless! Love you guys!

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