The miserable painter

So I missed the flu that EVERYONE else got around here, and have now caught the nastiest cold. It is border line feeling like strep as it is just burning to swallow. Typically I get a sore throat preceding every cold, but not for this long and so intense. So we'll see. And of course it's a weekend, so my plans have been altered on my long list of things to do. Tonight, for example, is the family dance at the school. G had no interest in going, but I was going to take all three and shake-it, but alas...he got the short end of the stick and while I sit here and whine on my computer, he's making small-talk with the other dads who had to go! So I guess you could say, we're both miserable and nobody is doing what they had hoped!
That being said, since I can't breathe (and therefore can't sleep)...I have been doing some work in my room. Yes, the neglected bedroom. The one I started back in January and still have yet to finish. With the possibility of us selling our house, I did go a little less crazy with the color choice. I cut in except for around the crown molding where I'm waiting for my bro to come tack it up better as it's kinda saggy in parts. I painted the trim that will got back up at the top of the wainscoting, and so it should be done very soon. Still perfecting my wall art choices, and need some good pillows. Then...I will finally have a reveal photo for you. I know, good thing I'm not decorating/renovating every room in my house, or it could take awhile.


Mom said…
oh phooey! Ive heard of a few people this week with nasty sore throats. Hope it doesn't last long!

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