Our hearts keep growing...

God is so good. He has blessed us so many times with little gorgeous babies. On May 9th, our little sister Heather and husband Christian had their first baby, Hugo Frederick MacIntosh VanEeden. She was a brave mama and wanted to deliver him naturally even though she had heard on Friday that he was breech. Thanks to God, he was aligned alright in his bum first position, and she was a trooper and delivered him. He is perfect. We can't wait to meet him.

(These are Heather and Christians photos.)


Lisa said…
What a sweetheart - I love his hair!
Congratulations to them! Way to go Heather - truly a super mama!
Heather said…
We are so blessed! Hugo laughed at Grandma this AM. Just a little chuckle with a smile it was do precious I heard it in the kitchen :-)

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