Who doesn't like a before and after post, right???

Ok, so I haven't completely found all the things I want for my room, but here is where I'm at, and I LOVE the change.

But before...let me remind you of how it did look at the beginning of the year.

Take note of the cream/pink stripe wallpaper. It was full of nail holes that were "patched" with white gunk. Also note the brass outlets. The tacky wood trim that was breaking off in sharp pieces. I don't know if the picture shows, but the crown molding was never tacked up properly and was sagging. There was no caulking around it either.

And now, at long last....the "almost" AFTER...

The hardest part?? Removing wallpaper glue. I think that took me the most hours of the whole thing. Not the paper, but the dang glue. The walls look great. I don't think you'd know it at one time had paper. I also had to slice away the paper against the crown molding as it was tucked underneath.

Some funny moments?? One time as I was going around with primer, touching up all the places where I had filled nail gun holes...I lost my footing and completely fell backwards onto the bed, holding my brush and little yogurt bucket of paint. Didn't get hurt and didn't spill a drop!
When I finished painting the blue paint, which took me one morning as Pam cut in for me...Shea walked in and said..."'s GORGEOUS!" Aww...he's so cute.
When I brought home my new mirror and hung it up, he was watching me the whole time. When it was mounted, he climbed up on the bed and looked into it and said, "MOM! It works!!" (I guess til that point, since he was below it, he couldn't see his reflection!)

So the hard work is over, now I'm just looking for some fun fabric for cushions with multiple colors on it...preferably teal/orange...bright. I also need a new bedskirt. But it is amazing what you can do with a bit of paint and some elbow grease. (It was also helpful to have a handy brother who can put up trim in no time.)
Thanks for looking!!

UPDATE: I hit up a garage sale on Saturday and found these...

Then I painted them...


Lisa said…
So beautiful. I would want to spend all my time in there now!
Anonymous said…
Those little "do dads" you found at the garage sale are awesome! I'll be dropping by sometime soon to take a peek.
Heather said…
We should go to fabricanna in Richmond when you come down! Or Arlene's and there is a special pillow store that may have some. :-) you room looks great!
This is great! It looks so calm and serene! :)

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