The JOB thing

So for those who haven't been here before, "Hi"...and yes, we are currently in a mad state of LIMBO. We don't know where we will be in the next month/s as Greg has been laid off and is now on the job hunt and hoping to find something soon. The job market is pretty limited. We are remaining optimistic and trying to keep a positive outlook, knowing that something will indeed work out and we just need to be patient.
It does get a little hard when people are asking you, "SO??" and all we can say is, "Nothing yet, we'll let you know". So that's my answer to you, in case you were going to ask. The weird part is knowing it could be months yet, or it could be tomorrow! He has a meeting with someone tomorrow, so you can say a little prayer for him. Thanks guys!!


Anonymous said…
Waiting WITH you. MomE
Bloggy Mama said…
Thinking of you guys, Sarah. Sending well wishes!!

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