Today is my birthday!!

Yay me!

I have had a great couple days getting spoiled by my family. I always find birthdays awkward when you're older, as you kind of want to be "celebrated", yet you feel weird announcing that you want any big party or anything!!
I won't complain...this year we had a fondue with my brother/his wife and my parents, a shopping day for G and I (without kids), dinner and a cake with my in-laws, a little party with my knitting buddies and cake again there, lunch out with a friend, skating and dinner out with my boys and parents, phone calls and facebook notes galore. Ya. Pretty spoiled.

Thanks all. I love how you love me.


Bloggy Mama said…
Yep. do love you.
Hope this year you are showered with blessings!
Yup - you're quite loveable!
Lisa said…
Sounds like fun!
Happy birthday!!
Kristin said…
I am a few days late, but happy belated birthday.
I am glad to hear you enjoyed your day. :)
Heather said…
Yep we sure do :-)

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