The glue

Today I finally went out and printed off 65 photos out of my million on my computer. I do try my best to pick out my favorites from the last few months and print them to either frame or stick in a book.
I ended up sticking these three just like this in a three-banger frame I have above the couch. It looks quite cute.

As G said when he saw it..."You got Riley, then you got Liam, and then you have Shea...the glue that holds those two together."
So true.


Anna said…
CUTE! Looks great!
Lisa said…
Those are great - it really shows their personalities! You are always so good at putting the perfect pictures into frames!

This past week I just realized that I hadn't printed off any pictures since we moved back from camp........450 pictures later, I'm now caught up to June this year! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who's behind on that kind of thing!
Heather said…
Love it!

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