Back to knitting

The winter has indeed come, with plenty of snow and cold. The boys love it, and actually, it was such a busy summer, that I don't mind staying inside and working on my room, baking or the odd craft here and there. Come February, I'm sure I'll have a different opinion of the snow and being stuck indoors!
Most days, when I pick up the boys at the school, they first take a few spins down the hill with their GT's. Today we stayed for two hours, met up with the cousins and then they came home with us for dinner.
One thing that started up again, is my "Knotty Knitters" group. A few friends and I get together once a week to work on our latest knitting projects and ask Pam our many knitting questions! I often have to call her up or go online to figure out what I'm doing! I just finished my first knitting item of the year...a little bootie for my niece. I have one more to go and then I'll take a picture for you. I love doing booties as I can finish them in two or three sittings and get back to normal life again! Knitting for me is like reading a good book. It gets really hard to put down! It's like you just have to do one more row as it's getting so good!! You can't wait to see how it's going to turn out!!
I've tried some new recipes out of a new book I got for my birthday. One was a chicken pot pie with phyllo pastry on the top! And tonight I tried a BLT salad made with cherry tomatoes, bacon, homemade croutons and a buttermilk salad dressing! Yum. I took a pic of the pot pie...I'll post it later.
Still slow going on the room. It is basically a blank canvas, waiting for some paint. Hopefully I'll get started this weekend.
Ok, so I'll catch up on the photos soon. Right now it's time to heat up my buckwheat bags and climb into bed with them!


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