My sister-in-law's are both pregnant!! Bri (and Glen) are due at the end of December! and Heather (and Christian) at the end of May!!
Hard to believe that my "baby" is 3 1/2 already! We're sure glad that the aunties are doing their part to give our kids more cousins!


Sarah said…
exciting news! happy daze to all
Bri said…
Just doing what we can to make the world a better place. Look out 2011.
Yeah - well - let me repeat myself - the first comment was mine while at Sarah's! Shea kept me entertained for a while while the rest of the fam was at the hockey game that Riley got to be #7.
Lisa said…
How exciting! Congrats to the both of them, and also a big hurray for being an auntie!
Heather said…
I know it is going to be so fun with new little ones to add to all the wonderful hilarious cousins! We feel so blessed ;-)

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