My life as a stripper.

I've FINALLY gotten to my long neglected bedroom. It was never hideous, but it has always felt like I'm staying in someone else's decorated dream bedroom, not my own. Someone who really loved the 8o's, with the dusty rose and stripes. already looks so much different. I can't say it looks nicer at this point, but different. I have been stripping off wallpaper the last two days and am almost done. It's going better than I thought it would, and the walls are in better shape than I imagined they would be. Bonus.
I'm dreaming of all sorts of colors and ideas, with the focus on keeping the room bright. I like cool colors. Right now I'm leaning towards making the wainscoting a bright white, as well as the ceiling and molding. The upper half of the room, a robin's egg blue, and the bed white with bright orange pillows. Black and white curtains and accents, with the current black iron bed...
SO exciting!!!



Melissa said…
Oooh, I like the picture you've painted!! Gotta say your title really caught me off guard, though!! Ha ha ha!

What does Greg think of the color changes? I mean, I know he'll probably love to *not* have the old any more, but would the *new* be OK for him? Or does he even get a choice in the matter? :)
ruth said…
Fun!! Can't wait to see your creation!
That's our girl . . . the stripper! !
Sure - I finally found my little plastic scraper. Hopefully you've managed without too many gouges. You could use the scraper for filling - we DO have fill. We used up all of our TSP for cleaning - so you'll have to get some or see if Pam has any. It's important to get all signs of glue off, and rinse well before painting.
Lisa said…
I'm so jealous that you're getting your bedroom done! We've never done anything to our room, and boy is it starting to bug me!
I like the idea you have with the lighter blue and white. And I have to agree with your mom about getting all the wall paper glue off. In Sawyer's room there's a spot where apparently I didn't get it all, and it has a sort of shimmer to it even through the paint. Oh well.
Good luck!
Heather said…
Sounds lovely!

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