We like dressing up

People may think that I am a Halloween enthusiast...but I am not. Well, not exactly. I don't like the history of the "celebration" and why it even exists, but I do love the dressing up part. I wish there was another day that was just solely a day to dress up. Forget the candy and all the evil stuff. I trick-or-treated maybe two or three times in my childhood, as it was a mostly frowned on activity in the church. We did have harvest parties and did fireworks and apple bobbing though. But I always wished I had some of those cool costumes that the kids on the streets were wearing. We usually made up our own outfit (if we dressed up at all), like a princess, Little Red riding hood, an indian, and a popcorn vendor. I know my mom has pictures of the first two which I'll have to drag out and scan in for you to see.
I've had fun finding or making costumes for the boys in the past few years. I keep my eye out for clearance sales after Halloween and at the thrift stores. This week is bag day at our thrift store, and so I paid less than $2 for that elephant costume for Shea! He'll probably be a chicken for part of the day, and an elephant for the rest! We have quite the tickle trunk of costumes that the kids will play with on a regular basis. (Click on those links above to see our other costumes from years past.)


Bri said…
That kid is so cute I literally want to eat him! Miss you guys like crazy. Looking forward to your costumes this year.
Ruth Anne said…
Hey, I've got all the 'special request' candy bars tucked away!!!

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