So I took the leap and went for major blonde foils put into my hair. Unfortunately I couldn't get it as white-blonde as I had imagined and had pictured in my mind...but it is getting there. I think where the hairstylist went wrong is by putting too much of the caramel tone in my hair which completely overtook and reminds me what I looked like with that old Sun-in product!! I should have avoided it completely and gone straight for the white and not bother for a second color at all which I had asked for.
Anyway...kinda fun and new.
Oh, and I had to my comments after the stick it in yer ear aunt had said in regards to Liam shoving a seed in his ear... "I think it's something that all kids have to do to get to the next phase of their life! Kind of like cutting their hair." Well...if you click on his school photos, to enlarge them, you might just notice the chunk of hair out of his front bangs. He cut them in school in the first week. The way he told us what he had done was absolutely hilarious. I wish I had a video of his story telling, as he had actions and was completely laughing his head off as he described himself wiping the hairs off his nose in hopes that his teacher wouldn't notice. :) Yes, so with that and now the foreign object in his ear, I guess we're onto the next phase. Phew. What next!?


Bloggy Mama said…
sassy molassy.
yes, I just said that.
Kristin said…
it suits you, especially the cut. lookin good!
Hi Sarah! I'm so glad you found my blog! I've been following yours since you started it :) And I love, love, love the new hair :)
Lisa said…
Oh that looks so great!! I love the carmel colour!

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