Go stick it in yer ear.

I have one of those stories from this past week that is quite funny after-the-fact!
So my son (the 6yr old) informed me at bedtime on Thursday that he put an apple seed in his ear and thinks it is stuck in there. I tried to look for it and couldn't see anything, but I didn't want to leave it in there either, so off Liam and Greg went to the ER.

They had to wait 3 hours, and then the doc started looking and probing and using this water thing to try to squirt it out. He had had it, and his nerves started to kick in. Greg had him on his lap and suddenly the poor kid fainted and flipped right out of his lap and head first onto the floor! When he came to, he started vomiting. So then they had to treat him for head trauma!! (He reacted like this to immunizations too!) So they send him home...no seed found, and ya...what a waste! and it was one in the morning by the time they got back!

Anyway...I don't know if the seed is even in there, and if it is...what'll happen to it if it is? Hopefully lesson learned...I am quite positive that he knows to not stick things in his ear!!!
Liam went to school the next morning, but came home 2 hours later as apparently he was an emotional wreck.

Poor guy, hey?
Yes, kids. They like to keep life interesting.


Faith and Mark said…
Poor Liam.... did you ever read our story from when Aslynn stuck a Polly pocket shoe in her ear.
Silly kids.
Melissa said…
Oh goodness... poor Liam!! Poor Greg!! But yes, worth a giggle or two after the fact.
Bloggy Mama said…
Wow. Those boys are so cute. I hope it's okay!
Heather said…
I heard I think from Carmen once that they poured some kind of warm oil in her ear once to get a spider out! Maybe that could do it?

On another note I baked your peanut butter cookies last night ;-) So yummy and We are taking them to the cabin this weekend to share with friends!
Kristin said…
Oh my!
It will sure make for a good story when he gets older.
I enter ER reports at work all day long and you cannot believe what kids stick in their ears and up their noses :) It keeps me constantly amazed. I think it's something that all kids have to do to get to the next phase of their life! Kind of like cutting their hair.
Anna said…
SO funny after the fact!

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