We had a good time on Friday...I hope you all did too. Despite the origins of Halloween and what it really is a celebration of...we enjoy dressing up and all the fun of seeing people in costume and really just getting together and partying! Riley got to bring a game to school, as did his classmates, so they played games in the afternoon and he thought TWISTER was a riot!
This is our second year in Salmon Arm, and we headed downtown again where most of the stores there give out treats. I love to see the hundreds of families out together and looking so cute (among the few really gorry ones!). Our kids are not scared of much in the way of "spooky". They walked into this store that was completely blacked out with plastic. There were screams coming out on a stereo, and both of them walked right in. There was a guy hanging from the ceiling, which looked like a dummy, but when you walked by him, he grabbed on to you! You couldn't really see anything as there was strobe lights going on. At the end of a dark hallway with cobwebs was this evil doctor guy rocking in a chair and handing out treats. Both boys walked up to him with no reservation and accepted some chocolate! They thought it was SO COOL. I STILL to this day remember being absolutely frightened of people in costume...one guy dressed up like this big ape and came to the door (while we were at my grandpa's) and I was completely freaked. I was probably only 4, and I still remember it, so it must have been major to me!
Anyway, after downtown, Anna, Luke, their fam's and my parents joined us at our house, as it was a Friday night and we usually get together anyway...and the kids trick or treated on our street for a bit. We missed doing that last year as Riley was SO sick! Then we all ate supper together and played games til 2am. Everyone was high on sugar, so it was a little nutty, but fun nonetheless.

What was your favorite costume that you saw this year?


Kristin said…
You guys too!
Bloggy Mama said…
Looks and sounds like a great Halloween. The best costume I saw was my hubby's! Cookie Monster, made by him!

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