Bedtime mayhem

We have had a steady routine with our kids when it comes to bedtime for YEARS! Shortly after 7pm, we get them into pj's, work on their Awana, their reading, brush teeth, stories, hugs, kisses and lights out by 8pm. Pretty regular...doesn't change much other than when we have company or something. I am still a little over cautious about their lack of expertise and usually I am the one brushing their teeth for them. But it is typically the worst hour of our day (dinner time is a close second). It is so stressful to be nagging them to pay attention (to their reading), to listen to instructions (GO PEE, do not play lego right now) etc. I think the problem is increased by the fact that we try to wrangle three children between the two of us in a tiny area of the house. It hasn't worked to stagger bedtime hours, as our oldest needs the most sleep, and with sharing bedrooms, the kids wait for eachother to come or can be woken up by the other. Thankfully we are quite strict when the lights are out and the kids will usually fall asleep in minutes. But both G and I flop onto the couch every night at 8pm as though we have just come out of a bull pen. It's tiring. It's daily. It's not much fun. I'm sure this is just a crazy phase, and I will laugh about it in a few years. Right?



yup - this too shall pass! I was pretty consistent with spending time praying with you and L at bedtime - but as time passed and A was added to the mix - I missed that part of the routine more often than I want to recall! ! I was often NOT in the mood for it by the time we were at the bed-side. No wonder I REALLY needed to pray in the mornings! Oh yeah I remember often laying, exhausted in bed at night, trying to fall asleep, singing silently " I cast all my care upon You. . . "! That actually helped - because I just it up and over!
oops - last phrase "GAVE it up and over"

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