Spring news.

I know I haven't written in a long while. I have been pretty miserable actually, suffering through a head cold (among other things). I had high hopes for spring break, but between myself, Riley and now Shea getting sick, we haven't been able to do practically anything. I am resisting the urge to spread our germs madly around the McDonald's playplace or the shopping carts. Yes, you're welcome. But it does scare me a little to realize that as most moms, it DOES sometimes happen that I have to take my child out with a fever or a deadly cough, because heck, Salmon Arm closes down by supper time, and WHO else is going to drive down and pick up my prescription for me?! I do try to avoid it if at all possible, but one still has to live and can truly not be cooped in a house for two weeks straight.
We were really hoping to go visit our friends out by Calgary while Greg is there for work, but I'm just sending Riley and him to make sure that Shea can get rid of his fever/cold.
My sister in law has NOT had her baby. Today is the official due date and we are all going bonkers waiting for it to happen. I know she must be going crazy herself, as I have hit my due date twice and thought the world was going to END if I did NOT get the baby out in the next HOUR! I hated that last week. No sleep, no comfortable position at any time, and just NO FUN! So send out some prayers for her and some labor vibes while you're at it.
In happier news though, the snow is melting!! My sister is in town and helped me clean off my side huge deck of all the snow, so the kids have somewhere to finally storm around on their plasma car and scooters. I am SO thrilled about spring.


le0pard13 said…
Three words: zinc nasal gel. Ironically, my son had a cold from late last week, and I came down with it at late Sunday night. I began a nasal gel course on Monday, and I'm feeling pretty good today. Of course, the Alavert D-12 I take regularly for my allergies helps with the congestion. But, I'm amazed how the zinc treatments lessen the symptoms and shortens the duration. And, I own no stock in the company ;-)
Bloggy Mama said…
Thinking about you, Sarah. Get well soon!!
Lisa said…
Our boys had a GREAT time with Riley here!

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