More party pics

Well I won't throw all the pictures onto the blog as they are mostly on Facebook. I was just realizing as I looked through the photos that this year was the first time EVER that there were kids only at his party. No adults stayed around to hang out, which was completely fine with us (they did ask). Also, last year we had 5 of his cousins and 2 friends as guests. This year we had 5 kids from preschool and 2 from church! A completely different bunch! We only had to break up one fight between two preschool boys! and no one was hit by the pinata bat!
Today is my hubby's birthday now, but I'm completely beat! It was the first day of Spring Break, and so the boys were home ALL DAY. It was long and painful. The van wouldn't start, so I couldn't even go downtown. We ended up walking way down the hill to go sledding at our friends house which involved a long process of whining by a certain child who hates to walk for more than two feet. Akk. I hope it gets better after today, or I'll be completely gray by the end of the two weeks.


Whew - you did a LOT this weekend! I hope that the visit won't add too much stress to this week!

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