My BIG fat mouth

Ok, so I got in trouble this weekend. I heard news that one of our friends, the sister of our sister in law, had her baby! YAY! I happened to be on Facebook at the time, so I wrote in my status..."YAY! for new babies!!"
I also have to explain that I had just had a conversation previously with a friend saying how glad I was that my sister in law and her sister (and ladies all over our church) were having babies, as it made March more exciting in this LONG drawn out winter that we're having. A sign of new life, get the idea.
Well...within minutes of putting that up on my status, people were congratulating me on my new niece/nephew, and calling around. Someone else had posted that Pam had a new nephew, not a new baby, but a nephew, but my great aunt was calling around to my nanny and eventually my mom, congratulating them on their new grandson. NO NOT jump TO CONCLUSIONS here! and PLEASE READ!!!
So anyway...I should have said nothing that said "baby" in it at all as I now know that people really are eager to spread news that isn't even news yet.
And I feel really bad about it. And therefore, you will NOT be hearing ANYTHING remotely hinting at the fact that my brother and his wife are having theirs or had theirs or anything til like a week after the fact.
I don't want to get into any more trouble.


Hah! maybe one day might be long enough to wait! You KNOW we all need photos et all almost immediately! And HEY - it could be the way I find out!? !?
Lisa said…
Oh my, what a shmozzle! I thought you were going to say people started congratulating YOU!! Too bad for the pregnant friend that it isn't over that quickly for her! I'm just waiting so patiently to hear whenever Pam & Luke have their little baby! Hey, did you know Tim & Heather are expecting a boy at the end of March?!
Anna said…
Oh Sarah. Sorry about all that. I for sure didn't help. On the other hand, I heard you got quite a lecture on what you put on FB and frankly, I don't think you did anything wrong. People need to learn to read and not make assumptions. Don't be so hard on yourself.

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