Kids are taking over the web

It is surprising how many companies are targeting children with their online "worlds"! We went to McDonald's the other night, and with their happy meal toy, they discovered that there is McWorld with little codes you get for extra online "pets". So wild! And of course you've heard of Webkins, Poptropica, Club Penguin, Lego, Disney, nevermind the many T.V show sites such as TVO kids, PBS kids, CBC kids. They are all really cool and the kids love them!! But man, I am getting a little overwhelmed lately, and am fighting constantly for my computer back, or just to get them focused on "old fashioned" fun like reading, and gosh...playing with TOYS! What a concept. I also find that Liam has a hard time converting over from computer land to normal life. He expects constant stimulation, like a computer can give, and doesn't always answer back as when he is on the computer, he can just sit and watch the screen and while it talks to him, he just clicks the mouse and doesn't have to say anything. This disturbs me when people talk to him, saying "Hi Liam, how are you?" and he won't say a word in return. Or when I have something to do and Liam can not figure out how to create his own fun without me.
I have had to turn off any source of computer, TV, Wii, playstation games for three days of the week, just to help teach the kids that there is MORE TO LIFE! I know it is hard as they see dad and mom on their computers and they hear about all the newest games at school. I just wonder when it will quit. I get frustrated that there is never an end to all the technology advances! Call me ol' school. I just want them to PLAY and COMMUNICATE with real people!
I know it will help when this eternal winter will end and we can get outside. We will most likely turn off our satellite and I will limit screen time even more.
How is it going at your house and how do you control their "screen time"?


I'm a great one to ask - here I am on my computer playing with my OWN Webkin and games WAYYYY to much of the time! I'll be glad to get back to work and yes outside too! A little bit of self discipline wouldn't hurt! I have to set myself tasks to accomplish in a day or it gets away on me! I'd be reading or playing the piano if I wasn't here. . . or maybe doing that sewing project that I've ignored for months now!
you know what we have done at times...andas the girls get older we will have a rule of it...No TV or games etc during the much as you want on the weekends...this is once they are Kindergarten. There are all sorts of reasons for this but if you want to research this google rapid neuro stimulus and TV. \i will have to get you the exact thing if your interested...this is off the top of my head. Anyway scientists have A LOT to say about all of this and how it affects our brain.
Lisa said…
Oh this is something that really bugs me too. Those games seem to suck out their imagination for the rest of the time. What we have done for now is that Sunday is "no video games day" and it has become only board games or playing outside in the snow. The rest of the week the boys each get one 30min time to play computer OR gamecube. I don't know if that's right or good enough. Man, I can't wait for spring to arrive!

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