Liam Shliam

Our Liam boy is 5 tomorrow. We have waited forever for him to turn 5. When you have a big brother who has already turned 5, TWO years ago...the wait seems eternal!
So he wanted an ice cream party. Ice cream it is. I am making those cupcakes baked right into cones and we will be making our own sundaes with all the toppings any kid could dream to put on. Yumm. I have the streamers and balloons up, and my homemade ice cream cone cut-outs (as you can't find "ice cream" theme things in SA stores). Pinata too...should be chaotic. I mean FUN.
I will take lots of pictures to share later.
Happy Birthday to the boy who....
Has the most gorgeous eyes and lashes ever,
Has this "skinny" which is a ratty old blanket he's slept with for years and won't part with,
I have to limit the smooches he gives me as he could keep it up for an hour,
Has to pick out his "own" clothes,
Has always talked a blue streak,
Likes girls best,
Is truly a bull in a china shop,
Would eat noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner,
Has two favorite songs, "Jacqueline" by Franz Ferdinand and "Shake everything you got!" by Maceo Parker (not exactly "kid" songs),
Needs to sit on you,
Is loud and encouraging,
and has learned to say "chicken" properly.

I hope what he said tonight will truly happen for him...he says..."Mom, I'm really going to have a great time being 5."


Heather said…
Happy Birthday LIAM!
Anna said…
Awww, happy birthday (finally) Liam! I can't wait to hear him say "chicken".
Lisa said…
Yay - happy birthday to you Liam!
I just realized that I mixed up Greg's big day with Liam's! Sorry - Greg was probably wondering why Andrew was so on the ball with his birthday wishes!

Oh no, I wanted Liam to say chicken funny forever! He looks so much older to me, and looks like a fun party too!

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