Update on my little men

First off...they are not so LITTLE! They are growing. It seems like this year, more than any other, they are all growing like weeds. One day Riley will soon be looking down at me, talking with his croaky changing voice!

So Riley...let's start with him. The kid is almost 7! I started this mom gig almost 7 years ago! Last night we discovered that his two bottom teeth are wiggly! This is pretty exciting for him, as it seems like e v e r y o n e in his class has lost a tooth except for him! He has been growing up quite a lot...seeming to understand things and asking questions to find out more. We are both realizing his need for "alone" time as he gets quite whiney and crabby when he's been around people too long. He is definitely a romantic and a sweetie and shows lots of love for Shea and other little ones. (Not so much for Liam as Liam is, well, overwhelming!) He has been coming home with great little works of art from school lately, and though it has been slow coming, he definitely has some artistic talent. He is eating SO much. Usually he can out-eat me, and I just marvel at where he puts it all. He is so tall and has such long limbs (like his mother). So far he's not too awkward and is taking on swimming, skating and any other sport with quite a lot of passion.

Liam. He is my hardest right now. Four (if I haven't said it before), is NOT my favorite. It seems like the stage where they are still yet babies but want to be treated like adults. They need sleep but don't want it. They fight every little thing that you try to get them to do. They hate the food you serve. They want to wear the "other shoes". They want to ride in the left side of the van, NOT the right. They want to do up their own zipper even though it is taking 15 minutes. They don't know when enough is enough and they need to stop. They still throw the odd little fit in public and yet are too big to carry off. I guess it was similar at 2 and 3 yrs. but now it is just MORE so. Exhausting. However, he (unlike his brother) does quite well with people and doesn't get rangy when we have a houseful. He likes to socialize and though sometimes he drags his feet on the way to preschool, he enjoys getting out and being with other kids.

Shea. He is a honey. I know that every mother thinks their child is the cutest, but he really is. He is just so cute. He finally got his eye teeth through, and you can tell that he's not in pain and so therefore not as cranky! He walks all the time. He wanders around between the boys and plays and chats. He loves "Wii" (which he says non-stop) and watches Riley play all the time. He is still very shy and will not go to the nursery or really to anyone else unless he happens to be sure that I won't run off. I take him all over town with me and he really doesn't make too much of a fuss unless he's tired or hungry. He got his second haircut (and screamed), and looks so grown up.

And me...well I'm not a little man, but I'm doing well. I'm still fighting a cold I've had for over a week with plugged ears! Have you ever had plugged ears for over a week? I don't think I have? They will pop for about 2 seconds and then they plug up again. Frustrating. The cold is at the point where I'm not in bed or anything, and actually made it to swimming and hockey again yesterday. I'm getting better at hockey (Monday was my 3rd time) and am definitely not so nervous. I still am absolutely beet red by the end of the game though! Sweating, but not sore, so that's good. I badly need a haircut again, so I won't show you a recent pic of me.
Anyway...life is good...there is lots to be thankful for.


Heather said…
Thanks for the update :) Boy they really are growing up fast. They are all so unique I love that about your family.
Lisa Baerg said…
So cute! I know what you mean about the growing thing right now - our boys are also sprouting recently. Jaxson asked the other day, when we were going to have a sleepover at your house again. Hmmm, don't know.

That makes me tired just thinking about it! You amaze me!
Bloggy Mama said…
Awesome. Great update on the boys. They are each so very handsome.

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