Which to frame?

Please help me choose....
There is a unique opportunity for local artists to display an 11x14 photo in a downtown store, and I would love to do it. But which photo do I choose? (It should be newborn or maternity.)

Choice A:

Choice B:

Choice C:

Choice D:

Choice E:

(My concern with this last one is that it is a major crop, so poor resolution.)

Your opinion matters, so please speak up! Thanks!


Anonymous said…
Sarah I so love pic B! Such an amazing picture of that slowly unfolding beautiful newborn.
Love it :)

Sheri G
Jen said…
I love D 1st but A also. Love the black backgrounds.
MamaVee said…
A or D because the backgrounds and composition are the strongest. A is the most eye-catching with the black, so if you're looking for attention to your work, I'd pick that one.

E is amazing too, but if resolution would be an issue and it's going to be 11 x 14, I wouldn't do it.

Sorry I haven't commented before, I totally stalk your blog all the time and drool over your pictures.
Kristin said…
My first pick is B and second choice would be D. :) It will be fun to have one blown up that big!
Angella said…
I like the black backgrounds the most :)
Lisa Baerg said…
What a neat opportunity for you to do this! Hmmm, I would pick A or B. B I love because of Shea's cute little feet. I also love your belly pic - but I guess that one won't work for this. Good luck with the decision!
Anonymous said…
Hey Sarah,
I love picture B. E is amazing too but not sure how it would look w/ the resolution. they're all great though :D i'd hire you any day!!
I was going to give you my choice, and then couldn't really decide! I love ALL your photos! I think I like the B which shows ALL of the babe if I had to pick just one. I really like the Mommy picture, but understand about the resolution.
Karen said…
I'm liking E the best, but if the resolution is too bad -- my choice is A or B. I love how squishy his face is!
Faith & Mark said…
I think B is my favorite.

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