Thanks for your input!

And the winner is.... A!

I had a wide range of opinions (from all my online groups), but A seemed to get the most attention. It was down to A and D, and I wasn't sure which to do, so I enlarged both. A was definitely the highest quality photo, so I took it in (D is now in Shea's room). (For those who live here, it is in the new store, Nurtured by Nature, a little boutique which sells glass baby bottles, organic compostable diapers!, slings, maternity wear, diaper bags, things for nursing and feeding etc. Across from Askews, check it out!) The owner has to get the frames and then you will be able to go view my photo and those of other local artists.

Thank you for your interest!


Bloggy Mama said…
Congrats!!! I'd love to check out that store. Sounds awesome!!
Heather said…
Very cool!

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