Project time again

Hi...I know that I haven't frequented here regularly, and that's because, well...
I just started some new projects around home again. Thankfully with my trusty sister 'n' law, Pam, at my side (who knows all there is to know about painting), we did all the filling, sanding and painting of the trim and baseboards on the main floor.
The picture above just barely shows the new white trim.

Then I decided to tackle a bookshelf that I've wanted to paint since I got it...a big forest green shelf (like 2.5ft wide and 6ft tall) that my dad built. I put on 3 coats of white paint, and it could almost use another, but I am thinking that it should be just fine as it's usually piled with games and dvd's that you won't even notice my perfect painting job anyway!
Then after hemming and hawing with 4 different tester pots of paint, I decided on a paint color for the remaining wall in my kitchen and the for the whole family room.
I am SO excited! I don't know if it's the paint fumes, but finding the right color makes me happy. I will definitely be posting some before and afters of that room which we intend to paint on Tuesday. Until then, I will be busy cleaning, filling and sanding to get it ready. Oh, and moving out all the toys and furniture.

But in the meantime, we are enjoying lots of friend and family visits and will have turkey tomorrow with G's parents. Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Heather said…
That will be so nice to have it all freshly painted on the main floor :-) Can't wait to see the colour!
Bloggy Mama said…
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Painting always makes me feel "new home-y" afteerwards.. so fun!
Lisa Baerg said…
What fun! I too am looking forward to seeing your colour choice! You are now the queen of painting in my mind!
Happy Thanksgiving to you Davidsons!

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