Family room blues

So the projects are slowing down a little. Last night my sis n' law came over again, with her sister, to help me paint the family room. Kids were all in bed, so us mommies sped to it and did the room in 2 1/2 hrs.

This is obviously the "BEFORE"...with my many sampler paint testers on the wall!

This is a really awkward room. It is our family/ playroom. It has the wood stove right in the center of that one stretch of wall, then a full sliding door, a back door to what used to be a garage, but is now laundry/boot room/basement, and then the stairs up to the kitchen and the railing. It leaves little if any room for furniture or a way for us to fit in the TV. Still thinking up a better way.

And today...
I put up the shelf that I had painted from green to white. I replaced the light covers from brass to white, and replaced the hardware on the railing, but still need to put it up.

(click on this photo to see the color of the wall better)

I would also like to find a way to update the tile around the wood stove, maybe paint it? and eventually hope to put built-in shelving on both sides of it, and one day far far away, replace the sliding door with a window.
But so far, a vast improvement from "boring", don't you think?!


Anna said…
Good job Sarah! It looks great. I'll have to come check it out. The built-in shelving dream sounds like a great idea!
Heather said…
lookin' good!

So which one out of the three in the photo did you pick?
The top of the cupboard looks great! ! Now you'll want white baskets to put the stuff into the shelves with? I look forward to seeing it, and the fabric that you'll choose too! How about a blue/white/brown stripe like Anna's? ?
Bloggy Mama said…
It looks amazing!!!
Sarah said… was the paint sample above the open stairs part.

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