Time flies

...when you're having FUN. And that we are. Really, I'm not lying. I am not pulling my hair out slowly...things are going well now that the boys have adjusted to the loss-of-school schedule and the new dynamics of the house. We'll get it perfectly sorted out and then Riley will be back into school! Today we spent about 4 hours playing lego. Yes, me included. They always do better when I am right in there handing them the pieces they need and spurring them on, as in, "Why don't you build a trailer to pull your boat on behind that truck you made!". The time goes fast, and lego is actually one boy toy that I grew up with and don't mind playing. And unlike the Wii, it is something that Liam can join in on. This summer has been so much easier with Shea...in the sense that I'm not nursing, he doesn't need to be held as much, and he loves to get out as much as the older two but is not completely mobile, so is still containable! Liam is not as much in that "needing that nap but not taking one" stage. He usually does well until the end and then will cry over what pj's I'm making him wear. Oh life is so rough when you're four. Riley just goes and goes and wakes up every morning by 7am no matter what time we got to bed. He can get so tired and whiny but doesn't know what he needs. Ugh. I am looking forward to the day I get to wake him up. He wants us all to wake up when he does, so he always does a loud handwashing in the bathroom every morning, and then dances down the stairs, will sing and talk loudly and bang a few doors in an effort for us to get up. One day he will get payback I'm sure with a morning lark child that will not go back to sleep after peeing for nothin'.
On Saturday, Riley, Liam and I went to the waterslides in Vernon which is an absolute hoot. We seem to go yearly, right around my niece Claire's birthday. It usually includes my parents, brother, sister and their families. We spent the entire day up there...from opening at 10am until almost 7pm. We were so wiped out! Riley especially had burning red eyes from all the chlorine and rosy red cheeks from the sun. I only burnt a little, but gosh my bum and neck are sore.
This is the last week of July and then we start 2 weeks of holidays which will take us half way through August and then yikes, summer will be almost over! I hate how long it takes to come and how quick it seems to go.
Anna and I are still enjoying our evening walks and the views of the lake we get to see are always breathtaking in those hours.
I am gritting my teeth in anticipation for Thursday, when all three of my boys will be getting their shots. I am dragging Greg along this time in case Liam has another freak out! Wish me luck.
I hope you all enjoy this last week of July!


Bloggy Mama said…
IT flies all too fast, I agree!

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