And so it goes...

Summer is off and running. This week has improved some as we had our good friends visit for two nights, we've enjoyed lots of hot days and lots of socializing and parties. We are trying hard to keep up with our yard work, the gardening and the watering.

(These pics are of the anniversary flowers my parents gave us.)

Our church has a HUGE daycamp this coming week. It usually hosts over 200 kids. I have volunteered to be a leader for the kindergarden age kids. I am so excited for Riley and Liam, who get to be there and will love it, but am worried about Shea who doesn't like the nursery and must be teething as he's a crank. He's been on and off fever for the last week or so, has next to no appetite, is quite sleepy and just whiny. Ugh. I hope those eye teeth come popping through soon. So anyway, we will have a busy week as we need to be there by 9am and won't be home til 12:45pm. I have to pack lunches and the whole bit. I think I'll be tired, but it will be nice to feel like we're at summer camp.


Bloggy Mama said…
Have a great week!! I hope Shea feels better soon!
Faith & Mark said…
Awesome pictures of those flowers! Hope that you guys had a great anniversary.

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