These scurvy pirates

I haven't taken many pictures lately. I don't get much free time these days, go figure. I've been trying to take the boys out for some sort of adventure (involving cardiovascular exercise) every day. Yesterday we went out to the industrial park and hiked up by the power lines and up to the little creek/dam up there. It was quite a good hike for two small guys, but they did great as they rode most of it on their bikes. Then today we went to the school for a swing in the trees and found a dog to hang out with.

Back at home, Shea absolutely loves riding in his car. He will go in and out of it for almost an hour. This is how he spent his time while I was bailing out our pond again and ridding it of smelly green stuff. Maybe I need some fish in there?

And here are the crazy pirate boys, first thing this morning.

I think I'd better get these guys some lunch, they are getting sorta mean.

a r g h


Bloggy Mama said…
argh, those pictures are fantastic! I love the lighting.
Anna said…
I love the pirate pics. Too cute

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