Raising a reader

We're at a neat stage in our house as Riley is just learning to read, and can manage to read the little toddler books we have. And then Shea is just getting interested in books and has started to make sounds for all the little pictures he is seeing. A few times I have caught Riley reading to Shea, and it is too precious. I had forgotten how cute it is when babies are first forming words. It seems like Liam has been talking forever!! (he almost has).

We aim to read 3 books to the kids before bed every night. We are finding it a bit harder in the summer as we stay up later and are often too tired (and cranky). Shea can't sit still long enough, but he'll be in the room on occasion.

We have a fridge phonics letter magnet toy on our fridge and Shea is ecstatic about it. Every morning he points at the fridge and starts muttering sounds that are close to "A,B,C,D". I have a feeling that he will take after Liam and be a little chatterbox.

I'm looking forward to the day when we can branch out into chapter books. I have the whole Narnia series and have been reading it myself. The HORSE and his BOY is the latest one I finished and though I didn't remember reading it in my youth, I thought it was a really good one. When I was young, our family read the Narnia series together, and the whole Anne of Green Gables series. I read the Little House on the Prairies series on my own, Heidi, as well as a bunch of odd teenybopper books.

What were/are your favorite childhood books?


Bloggy Mama said…
Awesome. I loved (and still do) anything by Roald Dahl!!
Bri said…
Glen and I both liked the Hardy Boys, Choose your own Adventure, and The Lord of the Rings.
Man, being a girl I liked Sweet Valley Girls (or was it Twins), Babysitters Club.
Loved Judy Blume. She did the 'Fudge' and 'Superfudge' Books. Those are a pretty fun read.
Also 'The Secret World of Og'.
How about 'Owls in the Family'. Man, now you've got me thinking.
Bri said…
more more more,
James and the Giant Peach
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
There's an amazing kid's bookstore in Vancouver called fittingly, "kids' books", I overheard a clerk talking about a series for kids called 'Geronimo Stilton', a mouse with some crazy adventures that apparently is all the rage!
Kaili said…
My parents read little house on the prairie to us at bed time. I plan on reading to our children. I love the harry potter movies, but haven't read that books. But that would be a good series too.

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