Adventure walking

My sister and I have been doing quite well at keeping up with our walking, three times a week, for an hour or more. We have really picked up speed and are covering a lot of ground in our neighborhood, finding new trails and seeing cool places. We've discovered bike jumps, been up and down Little Mtn. a few times, been attacked by mosquitos, chased by a boy in a dragon suit, helped two lost kids find their way home, found a pair of shoes, climbed the rope web at the junior highschool, done countless flights of stairs at a school, found an under-the-highway tunnel, gone from our house down to the end of the wharf and BACK!, seen some great views from high places, seen lots of roadkill and been on paths in the dark while talking LOUDLY for fear of bears. Tonight was no exception in our adventures. First, while winding down a steep road...we came across a cop car, a horse trailer, a pile of onlookers and a cow. Yes, a cow, in the residential neighborhood was being coaxed into a trailer by this cop and some guy. What the cow was doing on that poor persons lawn is beyond me. We don't know where the hank it came from. I'm sure that cop has had better calls. "Umm...I've got a cow in my yard, can you get a trailer and a lasso and come on up here?" The cow was safely captured and we gave them a cheer.
Then shortly after that scene, Anna was out of water, so she does this mad dash over to a nearby sprinkler on someones lawn. Before I know it, she has dive bombed onto the grass and grabbed at the hose in order to pinch it off. The water doesn't completely stop and she's being sprayed as she's laying there trying to catch little drops coming from a fanning sprinkler!!? She got covered in water but ended up with less in her bottle then when she started! The funny part was that a neighbor in plain view was watching her as well and totally busting her gut laughing at her! Oh Anna.
I've had a few good laughs at/with Anna this summer. I have one more story...
Notice her modeling her shirt...

Cute, right...kinda funky 60's pattern. I went to her house one day in hopes to find something to wear to a wedding. So I tried this shirt of hers on, and showed her. "Ya, it looks good," she says, "but it's backwards." "No it isn't," I said. "The tag is right here in the back, by the buttons." "WHAT?", she says. "It can't be...I've been wearing it with the buttons in the front this whole time!" Yes, even in that picture, Anna is modeling her shirt backwards. You'd think she would have noticed the tag, or the fact that there were SEQUINS all over the backside!! Any time she has worn the shirt since, we both have a good giggle. I think she even tried it on in the store the wrong way.
Anyway...always good to be able to LAUGH and even LAUGH at yourself sometimes.
It is the best medicine.


Anna said…
HA HA HA! Oh my gosh I'm crying I'm laughing so hard! HA! And no, I didn't just try the shirt on in the store backwards...I WORE IT OUT OF THE STORE BACKWARDS!!! HA! Oh gosh. I still love that it's like a brand new shirt every time I wear it now..."hey look at these sequins in the FRONT!"
Kristin said…
Oh Anna... :) :)

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