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Ok....question about glasses. I have had these glasses since just before I had Riley! Can you believe that!? Yes, over 6 years. They have been great, I love them, no problems, no loose screws, no nothing, and I wear them ALL DAY LONG.
However...I am getting slightly bored of them. As well, there's that whole issue about needing sunglasses but not being able to wear them. I don't think I want contacts, not sure that I want tinted lenses, but not sure I want clip on sunglasses either. Hmm.
I think I did a good job in choosing them because they don't look terribly out of date, but I think I could use a change in my look.
What do you think?
And then the hair. I haven't had my hair as long as it is now since also when Riley was born. It is only a few inches below my shoulders, which is long for me. I guess I'll have to take a picture. Anyway...I contemplate doing "the chop" every year and chicken out...something like this...

Do you think I could pull it off? With glasses? Do you think my hubby would disown me?
I'm not itching for a change right at the moment, as I'm enjoying putting my hair up in a ponytail, but just for future...I need a while to think about it.
Thanks for your input.


Anna said…
You know what I think about the hair...I like it now but considering you've wanted to chop it for so long I say DO's just hair and it'll grow back! As for the glasses...if you do the hair-cut then I'd leave the glasses alone. If you chicken out on the hair again then maybe go for a new pair just for a change.
Heather said…
I think some funky glasses would be fun... you could come shopping down here for them. I love my contacts! You should try them... I like the hair too but I'm all for change so I'm not sure I'm much help :-)
Bri said…
Too funny, all the sista's weigh in.
I'd chop it too, like Anna says it grows back! Maybe Dawna could do it for you. You need someone very fashion forward to do it, not just some local SA hairdresser.
Remember Glen talked to that one who wanted to open a Dog Groomer and Coffee Shop...Yummmm...the smell of wet dog and coffee brewing.
As for the glasses, it's so funny when Glen changed his I got use to them so quickly that now there's no noticing them..
I agree though that you should come down here, bring Anna and Pam and do a SA sisters meet Van sisters weekend!
Anna said…
Sounds good Bri!
Bloggy Mama said…
I just chopped mine off. You'd look great. Go for it!
Anonymous said…
do it! do it! do it!!
i'm currently sporting a new short do and i love it! perfect for summer...but definitely go to someone fashion forward or you'll look like a small boy.
love your blog!
Anonymous said…
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