Workin' it

So the pounds were staring at me from the scale this morning, and the daunting thought of beach weather soon approaching (aka. bathing suit season) it was time to DO SOMETHING!! I told Anna (my sis) that I'm up for walking anytime so we started tonight and aim to do it 3x a week. We did an hour loop around my house here, and it was GREAT. I think I worked off enough to burn off the amazing supper that Greg made for us tonight. Maybe I haven't mentioned it, but Greg is a great cook. He made dinner for us and his parents tonight which was yummy bbq chicken, yam fries, coleslaw and chips with his fresh pineapple salsa (that tastes just like the kind in Maui). YUMM! I'm lucky to have a guy that can cook, I know. I'm usually the table setter and clean-upper or child entertainer while he does the main cooking. I actually prefer baking and do better at that, but have been avoiding it as not to gain even MORE. Argh. If only it was easy to burn calories as it is to consume them!!
Anyway, I'm telling you about the walking bit so that you can ask us when you see us...howz it going?? The accountability thing. It might just work. That and when you see us in our bikinis on our air mattresses, you'll know how we did it.
(Let a girl dream, ok?!)


Anna said…
It was fun! Next time I'm getting all decked out in my headband and my stretchy capris too. Before you know it we'll be hot and skinny! ;) Thanks for the stroll and for not making fun of my panting up that hill. See you out there again soon!
Melissa said…
Sounds like FUN!! I feel your *pain* - I'm not likin' the numbers much myself. I'm probably in the best shape of my life on the inside (cardiovascular & muscular), but there's still some extra poundage that needs to GO!!!

Keep up the good work, Sarah!! You'll be awesome!!
Anonymous said…
What's in a number anyway??! I have to constantly remind myself that the average woman is a size 12 not that double zero that you see hanging in the stores! Good for you for the walking - I'm not sure my 5minute walks to school really count for anything! I knew Greg would be dying to try the pineapple salsa again after I told him about the secret ingredient - glad it turned out yummy!
Oh, and thanks so much for the birthday card!
Bloggy Mama said…
Good for you, Sarah. I hope that you enjoy working towards your goals and that you meet them!
Kaili said…
Thanks so much for the comment Sarah. I'd love to e-mail you, what is your address? Mine is:

Way to go you Mama who had 3 natural births, and 2 with nice healthy big babies! Yay!
Susie said…
Good for you! And what a perfect time to start a goal like that... summer nights here you come. I just started a crazy cleanse diet for 8 weeks. I am in my 3rd week and I have cheated about 5 times. Not bad, but not good. Food is my addiction.

I just wanted to add that I appreciate your comments. It hasn't been easy moving home and having someone say they felt the same made me feel reassured. Thanks for being a blogger buddy!

Wishing you well on your walkisize!

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