9 years ago today

These are pictures of my pictures, of course. We hired a photographer who turned out to be a little weird, and went bankrupt shortly after we married and so we never did get our wedding album that we had paid for. (jerk). We hunted the fellow down a few months after and thankfully were able to get all the proofs and the negatives from him at least. I just saw him on Father's Day at the wharf and he was looking all scruffy and homeless, riding on his bike. He is a dad, and I feel sorry for him.

These other black and white photos were taken by a friend who I had done my 6 month short term missions in Mexico with. She came and did candids for us and I almost liked her pictures better than the professional ones, as they were really fun.

Oh they say when you marry in June, you're a bride, all your life.

We had a great wedding day. I guess I would change many things in hindsight, but I still love that guy with all my heart.


Ashley said…
It looks like you had a beautiful wedding Sarah! I love the black and whites as well!
Heather said…
Awwww Happy Anniversary you two!
Bloggy Mama said…
Happy Anniversary!
ruth said…
Happy Anniversary! How fun! Awesome that you two are still so much in love:)
Kaili said…
Happy Anniversary! Smooch lots!
I like the b&W one too!
Anna said…
Happy anniversary guys! Oh and thanks for getting "Oh They Say When You Marry in June" stuck in my head! ;)

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