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Today is Wednesday, and as most of you from around here know, in the summer there is an annual ongoing event of Wednesdays on the Wharf. It is a nice chance to enjoy live music, ranging in styles from jazz to rock, Dixieland to folk. You head down to the green space at the wharf, bring a chair or a blanket, a lot of bug spray and enjoy watching the little kids dance up front to the music.
I didn't realize it already started in the first week of June and will run until the end of the summer. So we may try to make it there tonight after supper and soccer but before putting the boys to bed and going for my walk!!
The big boys are outside playing on our newly paved road with their scooters and bikes. It is nice to see my boys getting to know the neighbors and being able to enjoy our street like they used to enjoy our old back alley. We live on a really cool road that is shaped like a dog leg, so there is a lot of protected, quiet area to ride at the top end. I walked up there with Liam this morning and was happy to find two other moms up there, out with their kids so we had someone to talk to. This is the kind of street that you can envision your kids growing up on. For example...I have always heard of "those neighborhoods" where they would have block parties every year, and ours is one!! Sadly we will miss our very first block party as we're going away for a wedding, but we'll hopefully catch one next year. They do a huge bbq and have bike decorating and games and fireworks at the end I think. Doesn't that sound cool?? I always thought we should be the ones to initiate one in our old 'hood, but I never worked up the nerve. I would really like to be here so we could meet everyone, but you can't be everywhere.
Liam is doing great on his two-wheeler, so it has been easier to get out although I'm usually running and panting behind them with Shea in the buggy to keep up! One of these days I too will get a bike and hopefully be able to attach an old bike seat we have so that we can go a little farther.
Anyway...having this break from the rain has made me appreciate the sun and life outdoors. I'm sure we are all going to enjoy the summer.
Here is a picture of my rotadendrums, just growing by our little pond.

And our pumpkins, a bean and some peas...

(pictures both taken by Riley!)


Kaili said…
Wednesdays on the wharf sounds fun, like something I would like. Is it also a market? Or just music?

Block parties! Fun!

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