I had one little sister growing up. She was almost 5 years younger than me and we really didn't have much in common. We never shared the same school, the same friends, or the same activities and were complete opposite personalities. We fought quite often. I probably treated her like a "baby" and a bother quite a bit, and was left to entertain her and clean up after her (or forced to sing stupid songs with her in front of church because she was too shy and stubborn to do it herself). Thankfully time passed, and 5 year age differences don't seem so apparent anymore. We get along much better now that we're older and share more things in common.
When my brother got married, really young, I gained a big sister. She and I have always got along great, even though we are quite different from eachother. Then I got married and gained another little sister who again I was blessed in that I actually got along with fine! Then, in 2003, I got another and final sister when Greg's brother got married. So I have one sister and three sister-n-laws. I am lucky that not only do I like them, I love them!! We all contribute our different personalities at family gatherings and it works out fine. I am lucky, because I've seen situations that aren't so.
Today is my sister 'n' law Bri's birthday! Happy birthday, Bri! She is the mother of the Davidson girls. I ended up having all the Davidson boys. We're very organized like that. Have a special day!


Bloggy Mama said…
Sisters are wonderful!!
Happy Birthday, Bri.
Bri said…
Thanks Sarah,

Got your card yesterday. Great timing. Had a good day, Glen made waffles with whip cream and raspberries.
I'm glad that I got the amazing sisters that I got when I married Glen.
Heather said…
Aww thanks Sarah... Love you too :)

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