The naked toddler rescue

So last night after a lovely dinner without the children, it was a little scary as we were out driving at 7:30pm and nearly ran into a little toddler (approx. 18 months) who was standing in the middle of the road! I gasped and told G to stop immediately as I didn't see any adults anywhere. I ran out and talked sweet to her and asked her what she was doing. Where's mommy I asked?? I had to pick her up (which was kinda awkward as she was naked from the waist down) to get her off the street. She was only a few feet away from a very BUSY intersection which leads to the main highway!! (For those of you who know SA, we had just turned right off of 20th by the Yan's restaurant.) I walked with her to the nearest neighbor to see if he knew who she was, but he didn't. The guy must have thought I was nuts at first, holding a partly naked baby!! So we walked around hoping the parents would be out looking frantically. It kinda worried me that no one was out anywhere. As time went on I was beginning to worry that no one was looking for her. Anyway, we were about to call the cops when a lady (not the mom) comes running around a corner from way up the street and was obviously flustered. She said she was a friend who was visiting and didn't know how it happened. I passed the baby over, and we turned to leave. Later I saw what looked like her dad running over. The lady had said a feeble thank you and the dad didn't say anything, so I'm not really sure what was going on in that family. Maybe they were totally flustered and didn't know what to say. Or maybe they were up to no good and totally not paying attention? Sad and scary. She was far from home and could have been badly hurt. It made me so stressed out almost, since you just imagine it being your own kid and what you'd be feeling like. You just hope it would end as happily.


shavon said…
You know what the same thing happen to me when we first moved in to our place it was DEC and very cold out side Dave was on our back porch when he called into me
shavon there is a naked toddler outside i ran out and low and behold there he was and he also only had a shirt on i ran out and asked him do you know where you mommy is but he could not talk i asked him to point to where he lived but he did not understand! i picked him up and carried him around our complex to see if any one was looking for him and lady saw me and invited me in to put a diaper on him when i came back out side the dad came running up .he said they where potty training and he went up stair for a min and the little boy ran out crazy!!!! i was so scared i told Dave after what if that little boy made it to the street in -20 weather he could have died .i so know what you mean
Kaili said…
Oh I hate hearing stories like that. Good thing you were placed in that moment to help that little girl. My Sis and I were talking about how they need to have parent 101 classes, if you pass, THEN you can have children! Geesh!

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