Renovation update

So I thought maybe my walls would be painted, but we're not quite at that point yet. Luke is just finishing up the new countertops. I made him a challenge as I asked him to round the two corners on the end of the bar and the counter that we walk by all the time, so as not to get a serious jab every time. He was up to the challenge and managed to make them curvy (while keeping a birch edge all the way around the front). I went to check out the scene in his garage last night. Though it was full of contact cement fumes, it was fun to witness the making of the beautiful slabs of counter. Ha ha.
Here they are!

And here is the new set of drawers he made to go into the spot where my fridge had been.

I will soon have a stretch of around 8.5ft of counter on top of those cabinets. Sweet. Check in again soon! They should be in tonight!


Anna said…
Wow. I'm so impressed Luke! Love that rounded end. It'll be so sweet when it's done Sarah. I think you made a good choice in the arborite.
Bloggy Mama said…
SO awesome!!

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